Self-Promotion: The Pink Elephant in the Room


Have you noticed that it is now common to use the term “personal branding” instead of self-promotion? Personal branding and self-promotion are, in fact, the same.  I have come to believe that the term self-promotion is so off-putting for women that we will do almost anything to avoid it. Hence, it’s become the” pink elephant”… Read More.

Are You Being Stingy?


Are you being stingy? …by not letting others know what you have to offer? …by not speaking up and sharing your opinion or ideas? Sometimes we are so focused on our “own stuff” and our fears or discomfort talking about ourselves that we forget that what we have to offer helps others. That’s right! Think… Read More.

Everything Changes When You Understand Your Value

An amazing shift takes place when you connect with your unique value. It’s an incredible ah-ha moment! When you truly understand your value, you present yourself with confidence; your body language changes; your communication changes; your relationships change and the way others perceive you changes dramatically. For years, women have come to me for guidance… Read More.

What Do You Do?

Someone told me once that the first question Americans ask each other when they meet is, “what do you do? And I’ve noticed that this is true for the most part. Whether our first encounter with someone is at a cocktail party, a networking event, or the gym, people seem to want to know what… Read More.