How Savvy Are You About Office Politics?

Playing politics in the workplace is not about gossip, backstabbing, or opportunism. Instead, savvy women in business know how to network and with whom. They also understand how decisions are made in their organizations, and they have learned to use these political factors to their advantage. Political savvy is critical for career success and the… Read More.

Political Savvy: Your Free Pass to Career Success

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to get a free pass? Their mistakes are minimized and their achievements maximized? Doors open for them and they enjoy the spotlight without a tremendous amount of fanfare. They may or may not be as competent and talented as you are, but everything they do seems to… Read More.

Getting Things Done Requires People and Finesse


It’s no secret that we can’t be successful working in a vacuum. We need other people to accomplish our goals. This can be a real challenge in the corporate environment. Resources are often scarce and access difficult due to certain loyalties and politics. Have you noticed how some people never seem to have a problem… Read More.

Self-Promotion is a Political Skill


Hopefully most professional women now understand the importance of taking credit for their accomplishments and promoting themselves across the organization to gain visibility and credibility. There have been many studies by Catalyst and other organizations that support the necessity of promotion for career advancement for women. Understanding your value proposition and being able to confidently… Read More.