The Double Whammy for Women Over 50 in the Workplace Today

Susan told me in confidence that she sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night in a panic. The fear that someone will discover her age consumes her. At 62, she uses Botox and filler to hide the signs of aging and takes her birthday off from work each year to avoid being asked… Read More.

Finish 2014 With a Bang!

This time of year, most of us have a holiday shopping list so we remember all the gifts we need to purchase for our family and friends. Those of us who are entertaining over the next month will also most likely create a shopping list to gather the traditional and maybe untraditional food for a… Read More.

Self Promotion is a Leadership Skill

  When I talk about the importance of self-promotion for women, I get a lot of head nods.  Intellectually, everyone seems to get it. We have all read the research that validates the necessity of promoting oneself in order to establish the credibility and visibility required in the workplace today for advancement. We get it… Read More.

Why Doesn’t Academic Success Lead to Career Success?


  Women excel academically. We are currently earning almost 60% of college degrees, about 50% of doctorates, and roughly 45% of MBA’s. We are more prepared than ever to assume leadership roles in business. Yet just 4.2 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs are women. So why hasn’t women’s academic success translated to more leadership positions… Read More.