Who Says You Don’t Know How to Negotiate Well?


We negotiate for our children all the time. We want them to have the best teacher. We work with their coaches to make sure they get some game time. We have their best interests at heart. We negotiate with our family about how and where to spend the holidays. We state our opinion and sometimes… Read More.

Tell a Good Story to Pitch Yourself and Your Business


Everyone loves a good story, but how many of us are good at telling good stories? For the most part, I think we create exciting and stimulating stories about our personal lives. We certainly have a tremendous amount of material to serve as our database. We love to tell stories about our girlfriends, spouses or… Read More.

Confidence Equals Competence

I have a power point slide in many of my keynote presentations that states Confidence = Competence. When this slide appears, it’s always an “ah-hah” moment for many people in the audience. Isn’t it true though? When you present yourself with confidence, people assume you are competent. Think about your own purchasing decisions. Would you… Read More.

Women Do Ask, But They Still Don’t Get Ahead

Women DO ask for promotions and raises but they still lag behind men in compensation and position. The latest Catalyst study, The Myth of the Ideal Worker: Does Doing All the Right Things Really Get Women Ahead?, dispels the myth that women are not proactive in advancing their careers. After following 3,000 high potential MBA… Read More.