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The Secret of New Marketing

I have always maintained that the best way to market is by word of mouth. Communicating with your network is the most powerful and important marketing vehicle you’ve got. I was so pleased to read Seth Godin’s blog this week,http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2009/04/first-ten-.html because he validated this marketing approach and labeled it, the secret of new marketing. In… Read More.

How Many Hats Can a Woman Wear in One Day?

No, this isn’t a riddle! We wear so many hats during the course of one day that it’s quite remarkable. How do we do it so effortlessly? Have you ever thought about all the different roles you play? There are probably way too many to mention in one blog post, however, since my intention is… Read More.

Narrow Your Niche to Attract More Clients

We are all taught in Marketing 101 the importance of defining a niche and clarifying who we consider to be our target audience. I think we all understand this concept intellectually. It makes sense. When people have a clear understanding of what services and products you offer and who will benefit from those products and… Read More.