Learning From Failure

  We all do it. We make mistakes every day; some big mistakes and some minor ones. It’s part of life. Do you know that if you Google “learning from failure”, you will get about 129 million results? So you are not alone. We can’t avoid our missteps but we can learn from them.  One… Read More.

Your Lack of Focus Can Sabotage Your Career Advancement

  I don’t believe I have ADD, but there are some days that my lack of focus makes me wonder. For example, since I started writing this blog post, I stopped to pay a couple of bills, finished washing my breakfast dishes, and checked out Facebook. Can you relate to this? There are some days… Read More.

Do You Believe You Are Good Enough To Succeed?


  I recently addressed a large audience of women at the annual NAPW conference in New York City. I asked them to raise their hands if they considered themselves to be ambitious. Most everyone raised their hands with much enthusiasm. I then asked them to keep their hands up if they were ready to take… Read More.

10 Assumptions That Sabotage Your Career


I’m sure most of us are unaware of how often we make assumptions. We make assumptions every day about how other people think and feel, and these assumptions then lead us to behave in ways that sabotage our relationships, our careers, and erode our self-confidence. We make assumptions based on gender and race. We make… Read More.