Can You Unplug From Work After Hours?

Last week, new legislation was passed in France that prohibits a company of 50 employees or more to send out emails after hours. French employees are banned from sending and receiving emails outside of normal work hours as well. The new provision, which has been called “the right to disconnect” is based on an acknowledgment… Read More.

Your Emotional Reaction Could Sabotage Your Career


The trigger could be any number of things. The project you have spent months working on gets cancelled without warning. A colleague steals your idea and presents it as his/her own to senior management. You discover that the promotion you have been waiting for is given without an explanation to someone else who you think… Read More.

Be Grateful for Being Great Full


Of course, it’s the time of year that everyone is writing and thinking about what they are grateful for. We give thanks on Thanksgiving and it’s a great tradition to take the time to ponder about all the positive and wonderful things we have in our lives. As I was thinking about being grateful, I… Read More.