Here’s How Time Alone Helps Your Career

I’ve coached hundreds of professional women since I started my business in 2007. The vast majority of these women are super busy, often juggling a challenging career and personal time. There is never enough time! Can you relate? I’m sure you are probably stretched too thin as well. So the last thing you think you should… Read More.

Lessons Learned From Shoveling Snow


Last week we got 24 inches of snow in Connecticut. My car was safe and out of harm’s way in the garage, but as I witnessed the snow piling up and the wind blowing it started to occur to me that I needed to do something with all the snow in the driveway or I… Read More.

Saying No Means Saying Yes to Success


It took me a long time to learn this. I suffered from the disease to please! When I first started my business, I wanted every client and I would bend over backwards to accommodate them, even if it meant putting my own needs aside. As a result, my schedule was crazy and it was difficult… Read More.