Saying No Means Saying Yes to Success


It took me a long time to learn this. I suffered from the disease to please! When I first started my business, I wanted every client and I would bend over backwards to accommodate them, even if it meant putting my own needs aside. As a result, my schedule was crazy and it was difficult… Read More.

5 Common Mistakes We Make at Networking Events

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or small business owner or career professional, you probably spend a fair amount of your time at networking events to build your business. Here are some common mistakes we make at networking events: 1.       We schmooze, but don’t make the necessary connection with people to get business. It’s great… Read More.

Ernst and Young Entrepreneurial Winning Women Program

Are you a woman entrepreneur with big plans, and the vision and passion for growing your company? Do you know a dynamic woman entrepreneur who is on track to create a multi-million or billion-dollar enterprise? If so, I encourage you to apply, or to nominate, an outstanding entrepreneur for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneurial Winning… Read More.

Help Others to Help You

I was in Rhode Island last Friday giving a workshop on Promoting Your Brand to Rhode Island Networking to Open Doors to Jobs. I arrived early and was, therefore, able to sit in on the facilitated networking exercise at one table. All of the people at the table were highly qualified and competent individuals who… Read More.