Have You Joined The Growing Trend Of Women Podcast Listeners?

You’re driving home from work. Maybe you’re stuck in traffic and you’re cursing the commute you have each day. One way to make really good use of your time is to tune into a podcast. Your time in the car can be well spent listening to something entertaining or enlightening and inspiring instead of your… Read More.

The Double Whammy for Women Over 50 in the Workplace Today

Susan told me in confidence that she sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night in a panic. The fear that someone will discover her age consumes her. At 62, she uses Botox and filler to hide the signs of aging and takes her birthday off from work each year to avoid being asked… Read More.

You May Not Know It, But Dr. Bernice Sandler Made Your Life Better

Dr. Bernice Sandler never thought of herself as a feminist, but she dedicated much of her adult life to fighting sexual discrimination. She was an advocate and warrior for women’s equality. Her dedication to this cause resulted in Title IX, civil rights law of 1972 that barred sex discrimination by educational institutions that received federal… Read More.